Third Year

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  • Students are encouraged to present their research at local, national, and international scientific meetings, laboratory meetings, and departmental/discipline retreats as often as possible.
  • When working at the NIH, there will be program related events that provide scholars with the opportunity to develop their critical reasoning and public speaking skills.

September (End of year three)

  • You are required to submit a progress report no later than October 1st.  This report should detail research milestones and include papers, if applicable. The report should outline plans for completing your thesis work.
  • You are required to update your contact information, training plan, and CV in addition to your progress report.
  • Students who have not yet published a first-author paper* should begin work on one immediately.

**While Oxford and Cambridge have no formal requirement for publication in order to be awarded a PhD or DPhil degree, the NIH OxCam Program expects that the student will publish at least one first-author paper in a respected, peer-reviewed journal in order for the student to be competitive for obtaining a high-quality postdoctoral position in the United States.

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