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SLB Overview

The purpose of the NIH OxCam Program Student Leadership Board (SLB) is to represent the student body in the communication of their needs and the creation and implementation of activities and events to enhance the overall program experience and sense of community. The SLB commits to promoting diversity and inclusion in our community, for all incoming and current students. To accomplish these tasks, the SLB works closely with and listens to their peers, as well as communicates and acts on their interests and concerns with administrative and executive leadership. 

SLB Membership

The SLB consists of:

  • One student representative selected for each class year
  • NIH Graduate Student Council (GSC) representative
  • Satellite campus representative
  • Diversity & inclusion (D&I) representative
  • MD/PhD representative 

OxCam and Wellcome Trust students, regardless of location (NIH or UK), can be chosen to represent their class. Students are required to be in good standing with their universities and colleges, meet all academic requirements, and satisfy all requirements of their mentors. Members will serve a one-year term that runs November 1st through October 31st. Students may be re-elected to serve additional terms.


2021-2022 Student Leadership Board

Katherine Masih

Chair: Katherine Masih

 Kritika Singh

Vice-Chair: Kritika Singh

 Emily Kolyvas

Class of 2018 Representative: Emily Kolyvas

 Nick Pasternack

Class of 2019 Representative: Nick Pasternack

 Kritika Singh

Class of 2020 Representative: Kritika Singh

 Kelsey Lowman

Class of 2021 Representative: Kelsey Lowman

 Emily Steffke

Oxford Representative: Emily Steffke

 Katherine Masih

Cambridge Representative: Katherine Masih

 Jocelyne Rivera

Diversity & Inclusion Representative: Jocelyne Rivera

 Yasmin Cole

MD/PhD Representative: Yasmin Cole

 Jasmine Mack

Satellite Campus Representative: Jasmine Mack



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