First Year

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  • All University fees and tuition will have been prepaid by the NIH.
  • Whether you plan to start at Oxford, Cambridge or the NIH, you should begin your PhD research in the first week of October. This is when the "time-to-degree" clock begins ticking.
    • Research begins immediately unless you have made special arrangements to take classes.
  • The Oxford and Cambridge program offices are available to assist with any logistical problems you may face while adjusting to the U.K.
  • NIH-Cambridge students will be assigned an adjunct advisor to turn to in case you encounter any scientific problems in the laboratory.

September (End of year one)

  • NIH-Cambridge students are required to write a first year research report summarizing your accomplishments during the first year. Your co-mentors and advisors will evaluate your 20-page first year research report.  A copy of this is also submitted to the NIH OxCam Program Academic Committee. This is an important document that will determine whether you can be formally enrolled in the PhD program at the university.
  • NIH-Oxford students are required to develop a transfer report. This is the document used to determine whether you are formally transferred to DPhil status at the university.  This transfer can occur anytime between the end of the first year and the end of the second year.



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