Timeline and Benchmarks Graduate Study

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Timeline and Benchmarks of Graduate Study

While we take great pride in our ability to provide NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program (OxCam) participants an expedited and dynamic training experience, we are also mindful of our mutual and significant responsibilities to ensure that students fulfill all program requirements in a timely manner.

Throughout the course of your doctoral training, it is crucial that you remain attentive to timelines and benchmarks established for your benefit.

Four-Year Pathway for Doctoral Study

First Two Years for MD/PhD Students

For MD/PhD Track 1 students enrolled in the NIH OxCam Program, the curriculum is designed to accelerate the process of mentor selection and laboratory rotations. This prepares students to begin the PhD portion of their combined training immediately following the pre-clinical years (Usually MS1 and MS2) of medical school. Due to the compressed nature of the mentor selection process that occurs during the first summer preceding medical school admissions, students should be aware that there is minimal time for personal vacations during this period. Accommodations will be made for individuals depending on medical school schedules.


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