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It is important, as an NIH OxCam student, that you have access to all of the information that you need to be successful in the program.  There is information available here on the website and, for information that is constantly changing or sensitive in some way, we have our Student Handbook as a resource. 

NIH OxCam Program Policies and Forms

  • Program Travel Policy
    Scientific or project-related travel is covered by the student's PI(s). OxCam covers travel for 1) change of duty station between the US and the UK (at least 2 terms or 6 months in the new location); 2) vivas if in-person attendance is required; and 3) any medical school retreats required for MD-PhD students when the student is US-based. Consideration may be given if the student is stationed in the UK at the time of the request and will depend on available budget. Travel dates do not need to be exact. Current OxCam Scholars requesting travel for change of duty station, in-person vivas, and/or medical school retreat may submit the OxCam Travel Request Form
  • Term Extension Policy
    The NIH OxCam Program is designed as a four-year graduate training program, with scholars spending two years at the NIH and two years at either the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge. Therefore, OxCam scholars attend the UK university for a maximum of two years, or six terms. If a scholar desires to extend his/her time at the UK university, the scholar must submit a term extension request to the UK University and the NIH OxCam Program office. If a scholar needs to extend time at the NIH, the scholar must submit a term extension request to the NIH OxCam Program office only. For additional details, please refer to the complete Term Extension Policy. Students may submit the OxCam Term Extension Request Form to the OxCam office.

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