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Are standardized test scores required for the application?

GRE scores are not required. 

MCAT scores are mandatory for students applying for Track 1 of the NIH MD/PhD Program.

Are there cut-offs on GPA and standardized test scores?

No. The NIH OxCam Program does not require a minimum GPA and/or test score for admission. However, students must meet the admissions criteria set by the University of Oxford or the University of Cambridge as well as the departmental acceptance requirements.

What classes do I have to take?

The NIH OxCam Program does not have a defined curriculum. Outside of administrative and safety trainings for your NIH laboratory, the only classes you will take will be by your choice or your mentor's suggestion for the development of your research and scientific goals. 

How does the interview process work?

Applicants selected to interview will be notified by late-January. Interviews are a three-day event in February at the NIH in Bethesda, MD. Each applicant will have a 30-minute panel interview with NIH Investigators and faculty from Oxford and Cambridge. Candidates are strongly encouraged to use any free time to schedule meetings with potential mentors at the NIH.

Where will I stay during interviews?

The OxCam Program will arrange your travel and accommodations to attend interviews.

International travel (i.e. students studying or working abroad at the time of interviews) will be considered on a case-by-case basis when funding is available.

How do I select my mentors?

The OxCam Program enables individualized doctoral training. OxCam Scholars may work with any NIH Intramural Investigator in any research area and in any Institute, as long as the PI is willing to host the students in his/her laboratory. At present, there are approximately 1200 Investigators in the Intramural Program. Therefore, OxCam Scholars can pursue any type of research he/she desires. Prospective applicants may identify potential mentors by visiting the NIH Intramural Research Program webpage.

How do I choose my project?

Students may create a unique project tailored to his/her desired research interests. Alternatively, students may select one on the prearranged projects listed on the Research Opportunities webpage.

For more information, please visit the Training Plan webpage, which provide more details about mentor and project selection.

How related is my work at the NIH and my work at my university in the UK?

They aren't just related, they should be two parts of a whole. In the NIH OxCam Program, you are working with two mentors at two institutes on a single project. The work that you do in each lab should contribute to your final thesis.

Are there Master's degree options for the NIH OxCam Program?

No. The NIH OxCam Program is a doctoral training program. 

How much does the program cost?

Your tuition and fees will be paid by the program. Your stipend, medical benefits, and travel allowance are funded by your NIH mentor. There are external scholarships available, such as the Gates-Cambridge, Marshall and Rhodes Fellowships. Students are encouraged to apply. For more details, visit our page on external scholarships.

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