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Sara Saheb Kashaf

Sara Saheb Kashaf

Scholar Type:

NIH Cambridge Scholar MD/PhD

Entry Year: 2019

Carnegie Mellon University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford


Dr. Julie Segre (NHGRI) and
Prof. Rob Finn (Cambridge) 

Research Interest:

Bioinformatics, Microbiome

Through her studies and research experiences, Sara has used computational techniques to understand phenomena from the nano-scale all the way to the population level. Sara first discovered her passion for computational approaches during her undergraduate studies in chemical engineering and biomedical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. She completed her honors research project at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center where she used computational modelling to investigate the relationship between the neuromuscular junction structure and function. Her passion for quantitative approaches led her to pursue an MPhil in Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge where she used metabolic modeling to find novel drug targets against the pathogen Clostridium difficile. She subsequently joined the Khademhosseini lab where she was able to combine experimental and computational techniques to understand the effect of a nanoparticle formulation on mesenchymal stem cell differentiation. During her Master’s in International Health and Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford, she used computational modeling to assess the impact of a public health intervention. She is currently pursuing an MD/PhD at the University of Chicago and the NIH where she will use computational approaches to better understand the skin microbiome.

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