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Boya Wang

Boya Wang

Scholar Type:

NIH Cambridge Scholar MD/PhD

Entry Year: 2019

B.A. Chemistry, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 2016
M.D., University of North Carolina School of Medicine (In progress)


Dr. Louis Staudt (NCI),
Prof. Nitzan Rosenfeld (Cambridge)
and Prof. Carlos Caldas (Cambridge)

Research Interest:

Genomics, Bioinformatics, Cancer

Boya graduated with high honors from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a degree in Chemistry. While there, she conducted microbiology research with Dr. Matthew Wolfgang. She studied a Pseudomonas aeurginosa motility system that allows the bacteria to colonize patients with cystic fibrosis. This work was published in Journal of Biological Chemistry. Throughout undergraduate, Boya also led a nonprofit organization to establish a medical lab in Lawra, Ghana. After graduation, Boya worked in the lab of Dr. Camille Ehre at UNC. She used primary human epithelial cell models to investigate new compounds which break down mucus in patients with obstructive lung disease. This work was published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. In total, Boya’s research experience motivated her to address questions with clinical relevance and learn bioinformatic skills applicable to a range of topics.

Subsequently, Boya completed two years of medical school at UNC. Her current research interest is in the translational application of cancer genomics. She will analyze circulating tumor DNA to monitor treatment response and tumor evolution. Outside of research, Boya enjoys running, traveling, and baking desserts for any occasion. Ultimately, Boya is thrilled to continue the journey of becoming physician scientist as a NIH Cambridge Scholar.

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