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Asmaysinh Gharia

Scholar Type:

NIH Cambridge Scholar

Entry Year: 2020

B.A., Molecular & Cell Biology,
University of California Berkeley, 2018


Dr. Iain Fraser (NIAID) and
Dr. George Malliaras (Cambridge)

Research Interest:

Cellular immunotherapy, Microelectromechanical systems, Personalized medicine

As an undergraduate at the University of California Berkeley, Asmaysinh studied molecular biology with an emphasis in immunology. In addition to his coursework, he developed microfluidic interfaces for silicon photonic biosensors under the supervision of Professor Vladimir Stojanvoic in the department of electrical engineering and computer science. In particular, Asmaysinh engineered multilayer microfluidic packaging to overcome the unique challenges of interfacing with small footprint integrated circuit devices while allowing for photonic access. Upon graduating in 2018, Asmaysinh gained additional experience as a research and development engineer in the lab of Professor Mekhail Anwar at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in the department of radiation oncology. Here he played diverse roles in microfabrication, bioconjugation chemistry, cell culture, and software development in a continued collaboration with electrical engineering groups at Berkeley with the ultimate goal of creating implantable diagnostic sensors for highly personalized cancer therapy.

In his graduate studies, Asmaysinh hopes to leverage advances in microelectronics and immunology to develop a platform to generate cellular therapies. He strives to commercialize such high efficiency platforms to reduce the cost of personalized immunotherapies and ensure their universal accessibility.


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