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Is there on-campus housing?

There is on-campus housing available for NIH OxCam Scholars. However, it is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. OxCam Scholars who are interested in on-campus housing should contact the Director of Student Affairs.

What is the deadline for identifying my mentors?

While you should take your time to identify and interview with potential mentors, the steps to successful matriculation all start with the identification of your NIH mentor and appointment to his/her lab. Due to the accelerated nature of the program, the timeline following program acceptance is similarly fast-paced. As such, students admitted to the program are expected to confirm the NIH mentor selection in June.

What if I already have a mentor at the NIH?

That's great! This information should be included in your application. However, it does not guarantee you admission to the program. Our Admissions Committee looks at each applicant as a whole and while already having a mentor who is willing to support your training speaks volumes, it is not the only thing we are looking for. 

Do OxCam Scholars get a PhD from the NIH?

No. The doctoral degree is awarded by the UK university the student selects.

If the student selects the University of Cambridge, he/she will receive a PhD. If the student selects the University of Oxford, he/she will receive a DPhil. 

What is a DPhil? 

A DPhil is a Doctor of Philosophy. This term is used for the doctoral degree earned at the University of Oxford.

How is the NIH OxCam Program any different than any other PhD program?

The NIH OxCam program is an accelerated PhD program, which allows scholars to complete an individualized, research-based PhD in approximately 4 years, which is significantly less than the average PhD program. The program also has a more student-driven structure with no designated course-work outside of that agreed on by student and mentor. For more information, visit the About section of our page.

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