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Training Plan


List of Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about the NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program (OxCam), you may start by contacting the Directors in the NIH OxCam Office.

List of NIH Contacts
Name Program Title Location E-mail Phone
Katie Soucy, MS Managing Director OxCam Office 301.761.6199
Angela Harris Program Assistant OxCam Office 301.761.5673
Kevin Fomalont, MS Program Analyst OxCam Office 301.761.6873
Ashley Moore Program Support Specialist OxCam Office 240.669.5465
Dr. Ted Pierson NIH OxCam Program
Scientific Director
Dr. Craig Blackstone MD/PhD Program
Scientific Director
Dr. Elaine Ostrander NIH OxCam
Director of Admissions
Dr. Jim Sellers NIH OxCam
Academic Dean



OxCam Class Deans By Year


Oxford - Cambridge Contacts
Name Program Title Location E-mail Phone
Prof Sarah Rowland-Jones Program Scientific Director Oxford  
Zoe Stockdale Administrative Contact Oxford Zoe.stockdale@
+44(0)1865 287982
Dr. Menna Clatworthy Program Scientific Director Cambridge  
Elizabeth McIntyre Administrative Contact Cambridge +44(0)1223 761495
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