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"By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn."

Latin Proverb


Introduction to the Program

As a mentor, you assume a major responsibility in the development of graduate students who seek to develop their skills as research scientists. This task requires diligent communication between all parties involved and demands an integrated effort during the entire term of the research project (average 4 years). Check out our video OxCam Vodcast for an engaging overview of the program.

  • This program is NOT to be viewed as a mechanism by which a student spends 2 years in a lab in the UK on an NIH fellowship.
  • Similarly, it is not to be viewed as a program designed to “employ” a technically trained student to work in an NIH laboratory on one's own project.
  • The program requires that mentors fulfill certain teaching and/or financial obligations as a way to ensure the success of the program.
  • During their time in the program, students are enrolled full-time at Oxford or Cambridge and must comply with all the rules and regulations governing graduate students. You may find further information on the Oxford and Cambridge websites or the links below.

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