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"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated."

Alec Bourne


Training Plan

Yearly progress reports are due on September 12.

As an Oxford-Cambridge student, we expect that you will develop and update your plan of training on a regular basis. Please follow the instructions below for updating your Web-Based Training Plan. The information you enter into the form is linked to a secure database.

NOTE: Even if you submitted a Training Plan in the past, it is still necessary to fill out the web-form in its entirety so that your most current information is captured. Be sure to list all your publications, research presentations and awards received while in the program. Include all scholarships as well. Anytime you change location or decide to change your plans, you are required to update the information on the web.


You must have a NED ID number to acess the Web-Based form

(1) Click here: (

(2) Enter your NIH Login and Password.

(3) You will see 6 links. Enter your information in the order the links are listed. 

Ph.D. only and Wellcome students can skip the 3rd link concerning the MD/PhD program


Inside the links

(1) Complete all of the fields on each page.

(2) Always hit the Update Record and Continue Button after you have completed each page.

(3) If you need to go back to a section, DO NOT USE THE BACK BUTTON. Use the Menu button at the top of the page.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Training

The goal is to learn all you can possibly learn from the scientific staff at the NIH and from your fellow trainees while also taking time to learn about other dimensions of your own human development that are as important as becoming an expert in your scientific field. Throughout the year, you have access to an impressive array of training opportunities. Monitor the OXCAM and GPP web sites periodically to find the latest announcements for opportunities that extend beyond the focus of your particular research endeavors. Take advantage of as many of these as possible. You will never regret giving your personal and professional development the fullest attention possible. Program staff members are available to help you resolve any problems that might arise during your time at the NIH. We encourage you to:

  • Take part in orientation sessions when you arrive at the NIH to make certain you get off to a great start.
  • Subscribe to one or more electronic mailing lists so that you are aware of ongoing activities and job opportunities.
  • Participate in career and professional development workshops.
  • Make use of the OITE Virtual Career Center and Career Library.
  • Register for free courses such as Writing about Science, Speaking about Science, Interviewing, and Improving Spoken English.
  • Attend the many scientific seminars, lectures, and lecture series offered at the NIH.
  • Get involved in training program governance and planning.
  • Share your research with the NIH community at Poster Days.
  • Attend the GPP annual Symposium and Student Retreat.
  • Explore and contribute to the community around you.